The Climate Champions launch consultation on their roadmap for the Action Agenda


08 Jun The Climate Champions launch consultation on their roadmap for the Action Agenda

Acceleration. This is the watchword of the two French and Moroccan Climate Champions,  Laurence Tubiana, Ambassador responsible for Climate Negotiations, and Hakima El Haite, Minister of State for Environment, summed up in these words “Do more, faster and now” in their message addressed to the Parties and to non-State actors (link). Their main concerns are the numerous voluntary and collaborative actions constituting a sustainable “Action Agenda”, key driving force of pre-2020 action and the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Just five months before COP22 (7-18 November), the Champions are determined to mark out the path with climate action meetings (find out the agenda) between State and non-State actors in order to strengthen the momentum and prepare the focal point of the year: the high-level event on climate action in Marrakech, which will be a side event to COP22. For them, it concerns encouraging the development of initiatives based on what already exists (many of these were enhanced by the “Lima-Paris Action Agenda” at COP21 – and promoting more inclusive strengthening of developing countries. The initiatives and coalitions will continue to self-organise, but to prove the credibility of their commitments, transparency and implementation follow-up will be enhanced.

The two Champions thus presented their roadmap to better foster cooperation between governments, towns, businesses, investors and citizens, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen adaptation to climate change. The Champions are also counting on the organisation of Technical Expert Meetings (TEMs) during negotiation sessions – as was the case in Bonn from 16 to 26 May last – to enrich immediate and concrete action. They expressed their wish for more open meetings through the use of tools for interactive participation (live broadcasts, question and answer sessions, webinars, etc.).

Laurence Tubiana and Hakima El Haite launched major consultation immediately in order to discover the ambitions and viewpoints of governments and non-State actors on the current situation (here), the role of climate champions, transparency and follow-up, the high-level event that they are are organising during COP22 and the role of TEMs.

This consultation will be open until 1 August on the UNFCCC website.

Learn more about the Climate champions here.