Extraordinary participation of civil society

Due to their immediate proximity to the United Nations conference centre, their size (27,000m²), and their design, which was directly inspired by consultations with 117 civil society organizations, the Climate Generations areas were a first in the history of climate conference organization.

Only site opened to the general public, from 1 to 11 December 2015, the Climate Generations areas were where civil society met in all its diversity covering all generations. They aimed to spur discussion about solutions to address climate disruption.

In keeping with the 600 COP21-labelled projects, the Climate Generations areas were clearly focused on the local and global solutions that are available to all, now and for the future.

The outstanding participation – more than 88,700 visitors – reflects the public’s strong interest in climate change issues and possible solutions.

Every day was full of numerous debates, conferences and round tables, particularly in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium. More than 70 films were shown, 340 conferences were held, 360 organisations participated in the Climate Generations spaces and about one hundred stands welcomed visitors.