Labelling process

Since France was officially designated as the host of the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), government teams have received a great many requests to support projects and initiatives. In order to address that momentum, a labelling process has been put in place.


For whom is the label intended?

  • The label concerns all projects led by:
  • French and international associations
  • Local governments in France and abroad
  • French and foreign institutional stakeholders

The label applies exclusively to projects and initiatives. The organisations and companies that sponsor those projects and iniciatives are not themselves labelled.


How are labelling decisions taken?

All requests are centralized by the COP21/CMP11 General Secretariat. Depending on their themes, requests are processed by the government services.

The label is granted by a labelling committee chaired by Ségolène Royal, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.


What is the label for?

The label symbolizes government’s institutional support for projects and initiatives. It is represented by a logo that can be affixed to promotional material on projects or events. Project promoters are bound to the State by a user charter.


What are the criteria for granting the label?

To be granted the label, projects and initiatives must meet several criteria:

  • the project must be put in place in 2015;
  • the project should directly relate to the fight against climate change;
  • the project should be original and have a rallying and mobilizing capacity;
  • the project should echo the “Agenda of Solutions” and, in particular, the emphasis on discourse generating momentum around climate issues;
  • the project should have an international dimension.

Corporate-led technology, research projects and survey results are not eligible for labelling.


How to apply for labelling

Applications for labelling must be submitted on blank paper. The application should include a detailed project description covering, in particular, objectives, planned actions, partners and proposed budget.

Applications should be sent by email only to



A list of all labelled projects will be regularly posted on

Labelled projects are also described on the social networks put in place by the COP21/CMP11 General Secretariat.


How to recognize a labeled project?

The labeled projects « COP21 » carry the official badge. Label COP21 réduit