Climate-friendly habits

Citizens making a difference: 10 climate-friendly habits


Although the main aim of COP21 is to reach an international climate agreement between government and even non-governmental stakeholders, it is also the perfect opportunity to remind citizens of how everyone can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their day-to-day lives. Each French person emits an average of 7.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year!


If we all play our part, we can help reduce emissions and help companies adapt to climate challenges.

Here is a list of habits each one of us can form to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Use energy-efficient appliances


Energy-saving light bulbs use five times less energy and last eight times longer!


Switch off appliances on standby mode


A computer on standby still consumes 20 to 40% of its regular power! All appliances on standby are adding to your electricity bill.


Turn off the light when leaving a room


30 minutes’ unnecessary lighting per day amounts to 5 days’ continuous lighting after one year.


Beware of overheating your home in winter


Reducing heating from 20°C to 19°C cuts energy consumption by 7%.


Reduce Internet use on your computer, phone and tablet


Internet searches emit almost 10kg of CO2 per user per year due to the servers used.


Do not waste water


Water resources are becoming scarce. A dripping tap wastes up to 120 litres per day and a leaking toilet flush up to 1,000 litres per day.


Start cycling, using public transport and carpooling


Metro passengers use about 14 times less energy than car users. For a journey such as Paris-Bordeaux, trains produce 12 times less pollution than cars and 20 times less than planes.


Recycle waste and use fewer disposable products


Each year, waste incineration produces the same amount of CO2 emissions as 2.3 million cars and wastes natural resources, which
must be extracted and processed, also emitting CO2.


Cut down on paper


Deforestation accounts for some 20% of global emissions and making paper requires a great deal of energy. Choose paper from sustainable forests.


Change your eating habits


Our food choices can reduce GHG emissions and our climate footprint by eating more seasonal fruit and vegetables.

There are also many group and citizen-based initiatives encouraging people to act together to reduce our impact on the climate.


Come see them for yourself at the COP21 Climate Generations areas!