Bonn: the first and last round of negotiations before COP22 


13 May Bonn: the first and last round of negotiations before COP22 



The Delegation Heads of the 197 Parties to the Climate Convention are meeting for the first time as part of a formal negotiating session in Bonn, Germany, from 16 to 26 May. Ségolène Royal will travel there for a meeting of the COP office and then when the work begins.

They have not met since the adoption of the Paris Agreement on 12 December last. The Delegation Heads will have much work to do during these two weeks in Bonn from 16 to 26 May to take the first steps towards implementing the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile the French Presidency must ensure that there is balance between all negotiating topics which will enable this implementation.

COP21 President Ségolène Royal has a clear goal for Bonn: “We must start acting immediately. Now is the time for negotiations on how to act, not why or when to do so.   Political impetus is now needed to implement the national contributions, financial commitments and major initiatives launched in Paris.” These are the priorities of the COP21 President until Marrakech.

This negotiating session was prepared at the informal meeting held in Paris in mid-April, as well as at the session in New York on 22 April. It will see the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA1), which is responsible for preparing its entry into force. The two subsidiary bodies (SBI and SBSTA) will likewise resume work, part of which will also involve preparing the Agreement’s entry into force.

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